Helpful Getting Started Guide

You’re welcome on attaining this height, I’m David and I will be taking you through a quick guide on how to start withdrawing ₦80k and above monthly with Wikimass.

Wikimass Overview

Firstly, let me provide you with an overview and some helpful links about Wikimass and its products to help you get started.

  • Wikimass ( Just like Wikipedia, Wikimass is a reference website that anyone with internet access can edit for free. Learn more
  • Wikimass Digital ( This is a product of Wikimass where people who wants to share information they have, but have no experience in Editing Wikimass can upload the information as .doc, .pdf, .txt…
  • Wikimass Cashout ( – Paid Membership:- Here, users are paid ₦700.00 for each content they put up on The number of post you can make is unlimited, same goes with the amount of money you can make. To add it up, everyday login earns a user ₦5.00. Learn more
  • Wikimass Forum ( Free Membership:- With Wikimass Forum/community, you can get all the support you require about Wikimass and Wikipedia. Search to know if your question has already been asked, if not, create a topic and you will surely get a reply/answer.
    Each topic you create earns you ₦3.00; providing an answer or reply to any topic earns you ₦1.00.
  • Wikimass Blog ( The staffs at Wikimass strives to provide you with relevant Information and updates through this blog.
    Never to miss an update, subscribe with us.
  • Wikimass Donate ( Despite paying users, we also accept donations from volunteers.

I know you read the above and you now have an overview about Wikimass. But if you didn’t, scroll back up to read those because they will help you to scale through what I’m about to show you. Also follow the links to have more knowledge and understanding on each of them.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not a marketer, the start could be a difficult one for you; but with time you can cope up with it and start making reasonable income even upto hundreds of thousand monthly.

We will be dealing with Wikimass Cashout. It goes with a membership fee of ₦4,100.00. Learn more
For now, I presume you have no membership fee, hence you will not be spending a dime to start earning monthly. (But if you have a membership fee, you can join our membership and start earning by sharing contents that can help the world at large).
To get started for free, signup for a Wikimass Cashout affiliate account.
Copy your affiliate link, with the knowledge you have with Wikimass Cashout, start promoting and earn ₦1,600.00 for each membership person you refer. If you have no knowledge about Wikimass Cashout learn more here.

If you own a blog or website you can promote Wikimass Cashout by displaying our banner ad on your website/blog by clicking on the creative link tab.

If you are a video creator (comedy short skit and others), you can signup and use your affiliate link to promote Wikimass while you make a creative video.


We pay you directly to your bank account.

Minimum withdrawal being ₦5,000.00


All the information provided above are necessary ones. If you want to dig more about Wikimass and/or Wikipedia, you can use the support forum.
For private support, get in touch with me personally at

This post is updated regularly, always get back here to keep updated. To get updated of all the happenings at Wikimass, consider subscribing with us. Reload this page to subscribe.  Thank You!

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