Unknown (Age 25)


The Middle East


Airport Security

Elsie Lovelock (Huniepop 2: Double Date)

Physical Description

Abia is a curvy girl with a tan complexion. Her hair color is black and her eyes are a soft shade of pink. Her makeup consists of light lilac eyeshadow.

In her regular outfit, Abia wears a pink abaya (cloak) with black detailing that has a peekaboo slit revealing a black skirt underneath. She also wears a two scarf styledhijab (headscarf) with a black hijab cap underneath. Her top scarf is mauve with a gold trim and fringe while the secondary scarf has a dark purple and gold pattern with gold trim.


Meet Abia. Abia was born to strictly religious parents and though her family expects her to behave in a traditionally conservative manner. I think you’ll find she has slightly different plans in mind.“- Description by HuniePot Dev on the Sept. 2017 Update.

Abia is a sex addict, to the point that it interferes with her life. She constantly makes references to sex and often misspeaks with sexual terms that sound similar to what she actually meant, though she tries to explain them away as simple mistakes. She apparently got in trouble with airport security for doing too many full-body searches. Abia is, however, a kind and humble person who does not want to be a burden on anyone, and while she is not ashamed of herself, she understands her horniness causes problems for herself and others. She has a very slight Middle Eastern accent and is soft-spoken, but often speaks quickly and nervously.


Baggage is a feature exclusive to HuniePop 2 that equips all 12 dateable girls with a set of three unique traits that are unlocked during conversation and pose additional challenge during dates.

Baggage Image Description
Sex Addict Item baggage sex addict.png Abia will consume any Sexuality matches not directed at her and she will also consume a random Sexuality token whenever any match is directed at her.
One Pump Chump Item baggage one pump chump.png A four- or five-of-a-kind match directed at her will cause her to squirt out half her Sentiment.
Self-Effacing Item baggage self effacing.png Will not accept date gifts unless the other girl receives one first.


All of the 12 dateable girls have two sets of four unique gifts each, in charge of increasing the player’s Passion and Style LVL. Abia’s unique gift type is Kinky and her shoe type is Flats.





Abia is a huge fan of Jessie’s work, fawning over her when they first meet. She acts extremely nervous around her, likely a result of her trying to repress her urges in public. When Jessie tells her that she has been discarded by the porn industry due to her age, Abia can’t believe it. She assures Jessie of her beauty and that she’s her hero. Jessie thanks her and calls her “cute” in return.


Abia is Candace’s best customer. Abia is so enamored by her performances that she ends up spending all of her paychecks on her. It’s become a problem, so she’s started avoiding the place. It is unknown if Candace actually sees Abia as her friend or only likes her because she gives her a lot of money.


Abia and Lola first become acquainted when Abia uses a full-body search as an excuse to grope Lola. Though Lola acts embarrassed from the incident, Abia seems satisfied.


Abia and Lillian bond over sexual curiosity (in Abia’s case) and hatred of parents (in Lillian’s case). Both girls want to/already do things that their parents would likely not approve of.

Her Family

Abia mentions her family several times, though none of them are ever seen in the game. It is implied that they are extremely strict with her – she mentions that she had trouble learning English because her parents kept throwing books away – and do not allow Abia to do much. She also says her mother walked in on her masturbating once and implies she was punished severely for it. She even goes so far as to suggest she would fear for her life if her parents found out about her having sex with the player and Lillian.

Abia also mentions that she has older brothers, but nothing else is known about them other than that they exist. She mentions that she used to have to cook for them.


  • There are multiple textures in the game files that showcase unused hairstyles, CGs and icons, suggesting that Abia was previously supposed to have her hair out and not covered by headwraps. While certain outfits of hers have her hair showing in the final game, Abia’s Airport Security, Invisikini, Modesty and Traditional outfits have received accompanying head coverings contrary to promotional images shown prior to the game’s release. (These hairstyles can now be toggled on and off with the code “THE HAIRIER THE BETTER”)


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